About Voice Of A Hustler


Voice Of A Hustler CEO “JayRone” has ranked #1 in music releasing, show bookings and artist development in the midwest region. JayRone has toured all over the United States of America independently with self promotion through debuting on StreetStatusTV, a local battle rap circuit, and help from his #1 Fans across the U.S. JayRone in 2018 with his 5th year touring achieved well over 2,000,000 Plus Streams online via Apple Music, SoundCloud & BandCamp and over 150,000 plus streams in video plays via Youtube. 2020 JayRone has releases over 9 Mixtape project with a flood of music videos. Also the Platinum streaming indie artist is schedule to showcase on S.M.A.C.K. URL – Ultimate Rap League 2020 #UnityCard. Tune in for more mixtapes, eps, album releases and more from JayRone.